The Association

Pilgrims Association Virgen del Carmen de Garabandal, It is a civil association, Nonprofit, legally constituted, registered in the Register of Associations of Cantabria with No. 5766, composed of natural and legal persons, regardless of race or nationality, believers in the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Garabandal (Rionansa- Cantabria- Spain), grouped voluntarily, the following purposes:

  • Construction and maintenance of an Information Centre and attention to Pilgrim Garabandal-Rionansa, Cantabria, Spain. (The Center was inaugurated on 4 December 2014)
  • Safeguard the historicity, of the extraordinary events that occurred between the years 1961 and 1965, in the town of San Sebastian de Garabandal.
  • Promote and undertake few social works, charitable and cultural, they can be considered by the Association, as a social.
  • Be an instrument of support and management, for the Parish of San Sebastian de Garabandal.
  • Organization and management of livings for partners, San Sebastian de Garabandal.
  • Construction and maintenance of a shelter and soup kitchen, to host the most disadvantaged Pilgrims

The Association, It is headquartered in the ancient schools of San sebstian of Garabandal Plaza de la Iglesia s / nº- San Sebastian de Garabandal (39554- Rionansa, Cantabria, Spain)

Associates, with its contribution of the annual fee (30€ per family), collaborate in maintaining the Pilgrim Center of Attention, and the dissemination of the messages that the Blessed Virgin was pleased to give the world in San Sebastian de Garabandal. Every Thursday of the year, in the Church of San Sebastian de Garabandal, during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a prayer request is presented by partners and benefactors.

TYPES OF PARTNERS / AS (Chapter IV of the Statute)

Article 23. They may belong to the Association those with capacity to act with an interest in the development of the aims of the Association.

Article 24. Within the Association will be the following classes of members / as:
a) Partners / as Founders, which are those involved in the act of constitution of the Association.
b) Partners / tenured as, who will be entering after the constitution of the Association.
c) Partners / as Benefactors, that will be extraordinarily who contribute to the purposes of the Association

Article 26. The / as partners / as tenured and founders have the following rights:
a) Participate in all activities organized by the Association in meeting its purpose.
b) Enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the Association can obtain.
c) Participate in the Assemblies with voice and vote.
d) Electors / as and eligible for the offices of the Board.
e) Receive information on the agreements adopted by the bodies of the Association.
f) Be informed about the composition of the governing bodies and representation of the association, your statement and development of its activity.
g) Challenge the resolutions of the bodies of the association deemed contrary to law or the Statutes.

Article 27. The / as partners / as tenured and founders have the following obligations:
a) Comply with these Statutes and the valid agreements of the Assemblies and the Board.
b) Pay dues and claims which are set.
c) Play, if, the obligations inherent in the position they occupy.
d) Share the aims of the association and collaborate to achieve the same.

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