San Sebastian de Garabandal, It is a mountain village, located in northwestern Spain, a 78 Km. City Santander 30 Km. the cost. It is situated on top of a mountain, to 697metros on sea level, and to the foot of a mountain range called Peña Sagra. The only access road to reach, It is through a road with steep climb, linking the village of Cosio to Garabandal, distant 5 Km.
San Sebastián, name that the locals of the nearby towns, They refer to Garabandal, It has currently with 102 people. Stone houses, some of them bragged of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, laundry, narrow cobbled streets and surrounded by mountains, San Sebastián print to this "rustic and homely appearance" of a small mountain village, with beautiful landscaped and architectural.
At the time at which we look back, year 1961, the only access linking Garabandal to Cosio, It was a dirt road, difficult for vehicular traffic, commonly ran with carriage, on donkey or on foot. They lived in San Sebastián, some 300 people in a 60 labriegas houses, mainly they engaged in agriculture and livestock. Women, men and children, They shared the work in the field. At school "today Pilgrim Center" is attending a 80 children.

Principle of Appearances
It was Sunday afternoon 18 June 1961, four girls between 11 and 12 year old, Conchita-Jacinta-Mari Cruz y Mari Loli, They were in the place known as La Calleja, playing and making "some other mischief" (picking apples from the tree of the master's house)
Being entertaining eating them, we heard a loud noise like thunder. And we exclaim at once: It seems that thunders! That happened at half past eight p.m.. Once finished I say apples I, There you fat!. Now we took the apples that were not ours, the devil will be happy and poor Guardian Angel will be sad. Then we started to pick up stones to throw at him and with all our strength on the left side. We said there was the devil. Once tired of throwing stones and more satisfied and started playing marbles with stones. Suddenly appeared to me a very beautiful figure with many splendors not hurt me no eyes. The other girls Jacinta, Loli, and Mari Cruz to see me in this state believed that I was an attack, because I said with folded hands: “¡Ay! . . . ¡Ay! . . .” And when they were going to call my mom remained in the same state as me and exclaim at once: “¡Ay, the Angel!”. Then there was a silence between the four… and suddenly she disappeared. Back to normal and very frightened we ran toward the Church, road passing by the function of dance that was in the village. Then a girl from the village, called Pili González told us: - What are you scared white and! Where do you come from? We very ashamed to confess the truth we told: - picking apples! And she said: - Is that why you come so? We will reply to all: - it IS THAT WE HAVE SEEN THE ANGEL! (Journal of Conchita)
What happened reached the ears of the master, which it was quickly to see girls
At that moment the teacher lady came all scared and then told us: - My daughters, Is it true that you have seen the Angel? - Yes ma'am! - What is the best your imagination? — ¡No, Mrs, no! We have seen either the Angel.(Journal of Conchita)
There were many comments on the following days, both houses of the four girls and the rest of the people. During the following days Angel visits were repeated, silently he is watching and smiling. The people of Garabandal, They began to meet with girls, at nightfall to pray the rosary awaiting the appearance

The 1 July 1961, Saturday, Angel broke the silence, and he told them:
I come to announce the visit of the Virgin under the title of Carmen, that will appear Sunday morning. We told him very happy: - come early! He smiled, then we said: What does this sign thou bring? I will tell-and the Virgin. That day spoke us of many things. He spent two hours and took us two seconds. Then he told us: I'll be back tomorrow with the Virgin. And he left. The Angel had a long blue dress loose, without belt, light pink wings, quite large, very nice, his face neither long nor round, the very pretty nose, black eyes and swarthy face, very thin hands cut nails, feet will not see.(Journal of Conchita)

the next day, Sunday 2 July 1961, as the news had been reported by around, He went to town many people eager to see what there, "They said" would happen. Between the people, They had priests and doctors.
It was 6 afternoon. We went to the Calleja to pray the Rosary, without us there was the Virgin appeared with an angel on each side. She came with two Angels, One was San Miguel and the other does not know. He came dressed as San Miguel, they seemed twins. Next to the Angel of the right, at the height of the Virgin, we saw a very large eye height. It seemed the eye of God. That day we spoke with the Virgin lot and she with us. We told all: we went every day to the meadow, we were black, we had the grass in morujos etc.. . . . She laughed As we were saying so many things! . . . We prayed the Rosary seeing her and she prayed with us to teach us to pray it well, and when we finished the Rosario said he was going. Then we told him, that was another tiny bit, I had been very little. She laughed and told us that Monday would. When he left, to us were sad (Journal of Conchita)
And he not only returned the next day, but hundreds of meetings.
Sometimes, throughout the day and night. girls, They knew exactly when they would have appeared, thanks to what they themselves termed "The three calls".
They are three calls: the first is a smaller joy, the second it is already somewhat higher, but the third and we get very nervous and with great joy. Then it comes and we went to the second call because if we were the first we had to wait there until very late; because of the first to the second, it takes much.(Journal of Conchita):

The 4 July 1961, Virgin girls gave his first message. Message not made public until 18 October.
Virgin always smiling, the first thing he told us was: - Do you know what that means the sign that had the Angel below? —No, we do not know. -She says: He means a Message that I will explain to the 18 October what you say to the public. Then she told us, and it is as follows: (Journal of Conchita)
Nuestra Señora del Carmen“We must make many sacrifices, much penance, visit the Blessed, but ant
you have to be very good. And if we do not we come a punishment. And you are filling the cup and if we do not change we will a very big punishment”
This is what that sign meant the Angel and the message said the 18 October. After telling us went. It started at six twenty-five and went at seven. She told us all this the first day but I did not understand anything. The next day she told us she would explain us later. Then he explained what he meant by the message and how we had to say. We pointed out that we had to say on the website of the Church and the 18 October comunicáramos it to Don Valentin, for him to say it, in the Pines, at half past ten p.m..

In the month of August 1961, ecstatic marches began. girls ecstatically they walked forward and backward through the cobbled, hilly streets of the village, with a crucifix in his hand and his eyes all the time looking at the top.

The 8 August 1961, day four we had vision, Loli, Jacinta, Mari Cruz and I, There were many people and among them Father Luis Maria Andreu and a seminarian, Andres Pardo, and Father Royo Marín, Dominico. It was night when we showed up that day the Virgin. On leaving the rosary in ecstasy we got four and started walking towards the pines. arriving there, The p. Luis Maria said: Miracle, Miracle! and she stood looking up. We saw him well, for, in our ecstasy we do not see anyone, only the Blessed Virgin. The next day we were four of us, to sweep the Church and to be sweeping Jacinta's mother came very scared and told us: -¡Se dead Father Luis Ma. Andreu! We did not believe him because we had seen the day before. So, We left the church half and we sweep We went to find out with other people. We were told that when he was going to die and his last words were: 'Today is the happiest day of my life! What else have good Mother in Heaven! Then he died.(Journal of Conchita).
This happened on the road to Reinosa Camino de Aguilar de Campo. It was a caravan of about four cars and among them was the P. Luis Maria. In that car there were three other people more. The p. Luis Maria slept for a while and woke said: —What a pleasant dream I had. I'm not even tired. They reached Reinosa about four in the morning. There stopped all cars at the entrance of the village in a fountain. They descended from the car to drink water while P. Luis remained in his, with the door open, surrounded by others who asked him questions about what they had seen. Upon leaving the last place left in the car carrying the P. Luis Maria. Within Reinosa, still, The p. Luis said: —“I am full of joy. What gift has made me the Virgin. How lucky to have a mother like that in heaven. Do not be afraid of the supernatural life. Girls have taught us how we should treat the Virgin. For me it can no longer be any doubt. Why we will have chosen the Virgin to us? Today is the happiest day of my life”. In saying this raised his head. As he stopped talking asked: —Father, something happens? -and he said,: No, nothing, dream. So he saying lowered his head. The mechanic turned and said to him: -is, Father is very bad. He has returned eyes. Right there was a clinic. Nothing could do more than confirm the authenticity of his death. It was not known in any distemper. Died, We could say, without agony. He had on his face a faint smile of happiness. The story of this father and Garabandal does not end with his death. Girls have often spoken with him, Conchita will tell us in his diary. Most surprising is that the Virgin has told Conchita that the next day the miracle, This parent will be exhumed and his incorrupt body appear, as the same day they buried.

Many times, when there were no priests in the village, San Miguel Archangel gave Holy Communion girls. The 22 June 1962, Conchita wrote in her diary: Since both insisted the Blessed Virgin and the Angel for a miracle it did, the 22 June when he went to receive Holy Communion from the Angel told me: I'll make a miracle, not me, but mine and yours God for intercession. And I asked: 'What will consist? He responded to me: When I give you Holy Communion on the tongue you will see the Sacred. I kept thinking me a moment and asked again: -What, when we take communion is not the form on the tongue? He told me that “people did not see the Sacred, but the day that the miracle did, then the other would”. So, yo restored them: 'But then the miracle will boy. He smiled. After telling me this, He she left. The first to whom I told what the angel announced about the miracle I was a priest named Don Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva. That same day I communicated also Loli, Mari Cruz and Jacinta.
A week later he heard a voice that told him the 18 July would be the Miracle or Milagrucu, as the girl said. From the day 2 July began publicly regarding this Milagrucu. In the early hours of 19 July 1962, Conchita went into ecstasy at home, and the angel, and other comuniones, She told him to pray the "I sinner" and think about whom he was to receive. The girl left the room and went downstairs with hands clasped to his chest, head thrown back and mouth ajar. Opposite the house of her friend Olga, the seer fell to his knees and held communion. – Pepe Díez, present at Miracle. Suddenly he said, without the child had moved or mouth or tongue, inexplicably came a round white thing that seemed to grow. another witness, It ensures that the form was a white body of the same size and shape of the forms normally used, maybe thicker, something fluffy and adhered to the tongue. It estimated that the phenomenon lasted 45 and 50 seconds.

During the first two years, Heaven demonstrations multiplied endlessly. From 1963, girls no longer had as many appearances at the beginning and sometimes Heaven communicated with them through interior locutions. Pilgrimages were flowing into Garabandal, with a remarkable increase pilgrim from abroad. To town, `personalities came true ecclesial world, journalists, diplomats, ... cases of notable writers conversions and cures of physical and spiritual nature were given. The Blessed Virgin was giving personal evidence to thousands of pilgrims who went there, especially priests.
The second and last public messages of Garabandal, It was given much later, towards the end of the apparitions. Six months in advance, ie late 1964, Conchita had announced -of part of the Vision- 18 June 1965, she would have an apparition of the Archangel Michael. This long wait allowed many foreigners know the prophetic announcement so we can be together in Garabandal: They attended French, Belgian, Germans and a large number of Americans. Many Spaniards were present, naturally. Around 23 hours and 30 minutes, Conchita, protected by some young people and a large group of Guardia Civil, He headed the “Calleja”. She went through the crowd, He came to “picture,” and he fell to his knees. This ecstasy lasted for twenty minutes and could be filmed for Italian television and the N.O.D.O. (Spanish news).

The 18 June 1965, San Miguel Archangel on behalf of the Virgin Mary, he said well:
The Angel said: As has not been fulfilled and has not been made known to the world My Message 18 October, I will say that this is the last. Before the cup was filling, is now overflowing. Priests, Bishops and Cardinals are many on the road to perdition and they carry many more souls. The Eucharist is increasingly being given less importance. We must avoid the wrath of God upon us, our efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will forgive. I, Your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, I want to say that I mend. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pedidnos sincerely, and we, I will give it. You should make more sacrifices. Think of the Passion of Jesus.(Journal of Conchita)

These are the two messages, that the Virgin gave the world in San Sebastian de Garabandal. The best summary of Garabandal, Monsignor Eugenio Beitia did, in a masterful note published, a few days after this appearance (8 July 1965): "…doing, however stated that we could not find matter of ecclesiastical censure conviction or doctrine, or spiritual recommendations, which they have been reported, because they contain an exhortation to prayer and sacrifice, to Eucharistic devotion, the cult of Our Lady, in traditionally laudable ways and holy fear of God, offended by our sins ... "

Virgin, He appeared for the last time, Conchita, the 13 November 1965 and among other things he said: It will be the last time you see me here, but I will always be with you and all my children.(Journal of Conchita)

Many extraordinary phenomena occurred during 1961-1965 San Sebastian de Garabandal, which they have been compiled in an extensive bibliography edited, videos and testimonials. Here alone we have tried to present, what seems more important "MESSAGES FROM THE BLESSED VIRGIN IN GARABANDAL"

Thousands of pilgrims, from various parts of the world, flock every year to Garabandal; as a place of prayer, retirement or spiritual quest.
Church, moment, It has not ruled on the supernaturalism of the apparitions of Garabandal. But in these cases of "apparitions", the Church must be very cautious. But, It is very significant that: San Padre Pio , Santa Teresa of Calcutta, San Pablo VI , Saint Maravillas of Jesus, Marta Robin and many more people holy, always they supported the supernaturalism of Garabandal.

Garabandal is nothing past. Conchita, says so: The Blessed Virgin has announced me a miracle that God our Lord will do for his intercession. As the punishment is very, very big, as we deserve, The miracle is also immensely big as the world needs. To me the Virgin told me the date of the miracle and what will consist. I must say eight days before people to come. The Pope will see from where you are, the same Padre Pio. Patients who attend it, They heal and sinners will. Those who see this great miracle, Our Lord God will do through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, will not hesitate. And now all they are waiting for the big day miracle, to see if the world changes and punishment does not come.(Journal of Conchita)
“Before the miracle, He told me the day the Virgin 1 from January, there will be a warning to the world go by amending. And that warning is like a punishment. It is very fearful, for good and for bad. For good to bring them closer to God. And for bad to tell them that comes the end of time. And they are the last warnings. It is very long, You can not tell by letter. This no longer remove anyone that comes. It is safe. I do not know the day or anything like date”. You will feel worldwide. Come before the Miracle although she does not know when. It will be seen that comes from God. Its duration, the girl unknown. Conchita added that the notice still see everything we have offended God with our sins and what we have done with them in the Lord's Passion. (fragment of a letter from Conchita that is dated 2 June 1965)

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