Today 2 July – 59Anniversary

Sunday 2 July 1961 ( from Conchita's diary)
We went to Mass and the Rosary. The Rosary went to 3 afternoon. After the Rosary we we went down the road, because that day came and went about my brothers to see if they came. Is five kilometers from San Sebastian to Cossio, We rode four. How people knew us because we were all four together and as they had seen us in photographs they stopped us and they made gifts, boxes of chocolates, candies, etc. . . . many things. As we were already far from town, we decided to return. Some of the people went down on horseback to look for us. But a known person, he saw us and told us if we wanted to go up that they would take us to town. We told him yes, because my brothers came. When we reached the village was waiting for many people and priests. That day had gone 10 in 11 Priests, doctors, an abbot and many cars

It was 6 afternoon.
We went to the Calleja to pray the Rosary, without us there was the Virgin appeared with an angel on each side. She came with two Angels, One was San Miguel and the other does not know. He came dressed as San Miguel, they seemed twins. Next to the Angel on the right, at the height of the Virgin, we saw a very large eye height. Looked like the eye of God.
That day we spoke with the Virgin lot and she with us. We told all: that we went every day to prado, we were black, we had the grass in morujos etc.. . . . She laughed As we were saying so many things! . .
We prayed the rosary seeing her and she prayed with us to teach us how to pray it well and when we finished the rosary she said she was leaving. Then we told him, that was another tiny bit, I had been very little. She was laughing and told us I would return on Monday. When he left, to us were sad.
Then some people were going to kiss and to wonder what they had told us. other, they didn't believe it because they said how the Virgin was going to talk so much because we told her many things. But most did believe because they said she was like a mother who has not seen her daughter for a long time and tells her everything. All the more reason for us not to we had never seen and also she was our Mother from heaven!
We were taken to the sacristy and called a Father D. Francisco Odriozola asked us one by one and then told people what we had told him. Thus it ended the day 2, Sunday, Very happy day! because we have first seen the Virgin. With her we are all, whenever we want.

The Virgin comes in a white dress, blue cloak crown of golden stars, you can not see the feet, with hands stretched scapular on the right, the scapular is brown, long dark brown wavy hair, the line in the medium, long face, thin long nose, very pretty mouth with lips a little thick, the color of the face he is dark, lighter than the Angel, while different, lovely, a rare voice, I do not know explain, There is not no woman who resembles the Virgin in voice or in anything. Sometimes she carries the Child in her very small arms like a newborn baby, a round face, the color looks like the Virgin, a mouth little, the tad longish, rubio, small hands, a dress like a blue tunic.