Today 2 July – 59Anniversary

Sunday 2 July 1961 ( from Conchita's diary)
We went to Mass and the Rosary. The Rosary went to 3 afternoon. After the Rosary we we went down the road, because that day came and went about my brothers to see if they came. Is five kilometers from San Sebastian to Cossio, We rode four. How people knew us because we were all four together and as they had seen us in photographs they stopped us and they made gifts, boxes of chocolates, candies, etc. . . . many things. As we were already far from town, we decided to return. Some of the people went down on horseback to look for us. But a known person, he saw us and told us if we wanted to go up that they would take us to town. We told him yes, because my brothers came. When we reached the village was waiting for many people and priests. That day had gone 10 in 11 Priests, doctors, an abbot and many cars Continue reading